'A Journey to the Sun' : By Dr. Rakesh Mazumder- A Report

- Prasun Machado, MSc Part II

‘A Journey to Sun’ was organized by The Department of Physics, with a lot of interest from the students on 29th September. It begins with an introductory speech given by a student, on the basis of the background of Dr. Rakesh Mazumder. Dr. Rakesh Mazumder has expertise in Solar cells and coronal eruption. He is a DST Postdoc Research Fellow at Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital. He completed his PhD in Astrophysics from IISER Kolkata and did his MSc in Physics from IIT Madras. He started his lecture by sowing an enigma in students. According to him, he is motivated in researching the Sun, because the Sun is the closest star to our planet. Hence, research can be conducted more easily on the Sun than on any other star. Proceeding further, he came up two terms viz. Maximum Solar Activity and Minimum Solar Activity. The magnetic field of the sun is the main driver for solar activity. If a graph is plotted, where time is on x-axis and solar activity is on y-axis, then on comparing it with a similar graph for the magnetic field, it can be seen that the peaks on the solar activity graph nearly line up with the peaks and troughs on the magnetic field graph. The solar activity has been observed to have an eleven year cycle with a variation of few months. This is because the Sun's North and South poles switch places once every 11 years, thus doing a complete flip in ab