Interstellar travel: Discovering new possibilities

~Neeraj Maindan(FYBsc)

Exploration has fascinated humans ever since the dawn of civilization. Whether it was for the basic need for food and shelter, the thrill of discovering something unseen, or just for the knack of adventure, the man defies the limits and makes impossible into new possibilities. That’s why humans have developed technology to meet the limitations of their physical bodies. It all started from the wheel and now we have touched the moon. Even if we can't reach them physically, our eyes, and brain know no limit. We can estimate and formulate how these heavenly bodies originated and how they will end only by the light we get from them. The only limit now is the speed of light. Humans have explored almost the entire surface of the Earth, and now they have set their sights on the infinite sky, towards the age of interstellar travel. Every science fiction movie from Star Wars to Avengers, we associate interstellar travel with racing with aliens throughout the galaxy, fighting an intergalactic war, or even kart racing on Saturn’s ring, but the question remains, is this possible?