Why can’t we see higher dimensions?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Written by Vikrant Dubey (FyBSc)

Illustration by Sarah Khan (MSc Part 1)

Feynman used to shout, “Hey Schwarz, how many dimensions are you in today?” mockingly to John H. Schwarz during his preliminary talks of the then developing string theory. The community still had problems digesting Einstein’s 4 dimensions, so the hush-hush of 10, 11 or maybe even 26 dimensions was outlandishly stupid. Over the years many developing theories starting taking the help of these mathematical tools of ‘higher dimensions’ to further enhance their work. Mathematical because physically, no one knows where these dimensions are. Their justifications and explanations have had a very tumultuous journey, starting with the simplest being that all other dimensions have curled up to occupy a very tiny space, smaller than atoms or electrons even. This actually raised more questions